“Life is about balance, let me help you find yours.” – Christine Phillips

During a time of illness, fear, and struggle, people need to build up their immune systems, restore their gut health, and kick sugar to the curb. Your health and family’s health is vitally important at this time. But more than that, you need someone who can guide you and offer you the support when everything feels so uncertain and unstable.   

I remind myself to do this daily and maybe you can do the same:

Breathe, Christine.

Go for a run or walk - Get Outside

Immune support - Vitamin C, Lysine, Oregano oil tablets, Zinc and Vitamin B (to cope with stress) 

Digestive Health - Kombucha, Probiotic Rotation and sauerkraut daily.

Mindset - I listen to podcasts and read Pema Chodron - When things fall apart. Take 20 min a day for this.

My liver loving goodies - chlorophyll, lemon water, spirulina and barley grass.

My oils - Smell my Clarycalm and enjoy my essential oils.

Sweat – exercise & enjoy a 20 min Epsom salt bath with oils. 

Stress help - take some Ashwagandha tablets and maca for my mood.

Tea - drink my flu tea to boost my immune system and Valerian tea to manage stress, anxiety and helps with sleep.

When it comes to choosing supplements, vitamins and natural home cleaning products for my family and I, I use NeoLife. NeoLife is a nutrition company that manufactures and sells superior quality whole food nutrition products, with a mission to make the world a healthier and happier place. NeoLife has been in business for 60 years, since 1958, and operating in over 50 countries around the world.

They offer superior quality nutrition products using nature’s finest whole food ingredients that are based in nature and backed by leading edge science. In addition to their range of NeoLife Nutritionals, they offer scientifically formulated Nutriance Organic Skin Care and earth-friendly Golden Home Care. 

I just LOVE NeoLife.

My Favourite Immune boosting vitamins

Beta Guard
Chewable All-C
Carotenoid Complex
Cruciferous Plus
Vitamin C
Chelated Zinc
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My Favourite Home Care Products

Super 10
Lemon Glo
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