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Health Yourself is committed to making a change in the world for the better of it's people. Through our love for food and wellness we aim to make a positive change in the lives of the less fortunate.

Poverty, unemployment, homelessness and starvation is a stark reality for an alarming number of South Africans and people around the world. Health Yourself is dedicated to making a positive impact on as many lives as we can. 

We run an active charity soup and sandwich drive which feeds hundreds if not thousands of South Africans monthly. 

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on the livelihood of so many people and Health Yourself with the help of Kath from Life and Fork, Nosh Food Rescue and numerous volunteers are collectively running an ongoing Charity Soup Drive to feed as many hungry South Africans as possible.


You too can get involved by pledging a pot of soup to the cause. a pot of soup feeds approximately 100 people with a sandwich on the side.

One for the Kids:

Get Community Service hours


Catherine and Izzy Phillips will be heading up this fantastic campaign. They have put together a Community Service hours document where children can get involved in making food for the less fortunate while making their hours. 

The project will be run via What's App. Details on delivery and drop off points as well as recipe ideas and time allocation will be distributed via this platform. 

Should you be interested pop Catherine a message on +27 793848589 

You are NEVER to young to make a difference!

 April 16 at 4:54 PM · 

So today my daughters and I prepared 50 liters of butternut and sweet potato soup with sandwiches. It should feed 100 people. The teams from slow food chefs alliance and nosh food rescue will collect it and distribute to those who need a hot, nourishing meal at this time. It’s all about chefs lending a hand at this time. I call of my special friends and clients who want to help feed those in need. I am happy to prepare the soups for you. Just send me a message to contribute to the cost of the ingredients of soup and sandwiches. I will put aside 3 days a week for making soups for charity xx

 April 21 at 12:54 PM · 

Wow we have 50 pots of soup to cook due to your generous contributions. I’m now cooking daily for 100. Thank you to Kath from Life and Fork for helping me out with cooking. She will also be preparing soups so we can do 200 people daily . Big thank you to Nosh food rescue for collecting and organizing everything and their incredible Volenteers. You can also contribute directly to them if you wish.

April 25 at 10:17 AM · 

Today marks day 7 of making soups. We have made a total of 1300 liters of soup and 190 loves of bread feeding well over 1100 people this week. Thanks again to everyone who has supported the project and to Kath from Life and Fork for helping me cook daily. I also now have my neighbor making a 25 liter pot a day with her daughter. Together we producing 125 liters a day. Then a HUGE thank you to Nosh food rescue who comes and collects the food daily and their wonderful volunteers who do the soup hands out till late at night leaving no one with an empty tummy. Such lovely people. So week 1 done and dusted. Starts again tomorrow and I’m blessed to have more helpers for tomorrow x if you would like to donate directly to Nosh Foods Rescue

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