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5 Ways To Practice Intuitive Eating

It’s time to dump the rules and guidelines to dieting. Research shows that those who are intuitive eaters have more energy and better health outcomes than those following specific diets. Intuitive eating has been shown to result in a lower BMI and a more positive body image, as well as the fact that we were born as intuitive eaters.

From the beginning of our lives as babies, we ate when we were hungry, but the food wasn’t just for the needs of consuming calories. We ate to be soothed when we were upset and tired. Food is more than just fuel, and I’m here to share with you 5 ways to practice intuitive eating!

  1. Step away from the electronics when you feel hungry. Sitting in front of the TV and focusing on the media in front of you rather than your food can cause overeating.

  2. Let go of calorie counting! The key to intuitive eating is to develop and establish a positive and fulfilling relationship with food! If you’re focused on the numbers, you’re less likely to enjoy your meal which can result in feeling unsatisfied and bored with your food.

  3. Have a variety of snacks at your disposal and don’t be afraid to have “treats” around. By having a variety of foods available, you are less likely to hit peak cravings that will typically result in overconsumption of foods high in fat and sugar. Pre-wash fruits and vegetables have finger foods ready to go and of course, the indulging chocolate cake or cranberry scone. The key to intuitive eating is to make your stomach happy. With the right amount of options and really focusing on your stomach’s desires, the need to overeat sweets will lessen, and you’ll only feel the need to eat them on occasion, as they are readily available and not forbidden.

  4. Honor your feelings without relying on food to satisfy your emotions. Start journaling, meditate, participate in yoga, or learn a new hobby to ease the stressors and emotions that have otherwise led you to binge eating in the past.

  5. Stop eating when you are starting to feel satisfied, rather than when you already feel full. After finishing your meal, wait 10 minutes to allow the food to settle. This will help to determine if you are in fact full before over-eating and satisfy your hunger without the guilt.

It’s time to toss the diet plans and re-introduce your body to intuitive eating! Your body, mind, and soul will radiate with happiness and you’ll feel healthier than you have before!

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