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The Emotional Acceptance of the Autoimmune Journey

Hundreds of thousands are suffering, and hundreds of thousands are being diagnosed with autoimmune conditions every year. The number is increasing day by day, and there are chances that either you or someone you know is a part of the people who have been on an autoimmune journey or are going to be on it.

If you are among them, your symptoms are troubling and having an impact on your life in a negative way. You are frustrated. You are tired. You want answers.

Being on an autoimmune journey is not easy, and at times, your life feels deficient and discontented because you see people and then you see yourself and realize how much there is that you are missing out on in life, and you are well aware of the fact that only being healthy can help you experience life that has been trapped inside of you since the arrival of an autoimmune disease.

Do you feel like all life has for you now is sadness? Well, you need to think again, and you need to think better. There are tons of things that you can do to take your life from the dark deep dungeon of an autoimmune condition to the peaks of happiness and pure joy. Your autoimmune disease doesn’t have to stop you from taking the path to a better life. You lose a loved one, and you learn to continue living.

But what if you lose yourself?

How do you redeem that loss? How do you mitigate that pain?

How do you process, accept, and move on?

People with autoimmune conditions go through a process of emotional acceptance and live with their diagnosis. It never ceases being a difficult journey but embracing and understanding your situation is what you need all along. Living with an autoimmune condition is about a lot more than a mere diagnosis.

There are five steps you can take on your autoimmune journey:


It is normal to question news you don't want to believe. The need to know whether the diagnosis is accurate or not is natural. Doctors are human, and humans make mistakes. So, questioning and wondering are healthy.


The diagnosis is correct. You move on to bargaining. Give and take. Bring that time back, and you will take good care of your body. You will be a better person.


It may be painful to believe, but there is no bargain. You make the darkest corner your home and live in pain instead of fighting it.

Emotional Acceptance

Acceptance is hard, but it is better. Knowing that your life now is not the one you had before and being okay with it, knowing it in your head, and accepting it in your heart is amazingly liberating.


Understanding who you are going to be from that day on is the last part of your autoimmune journey. Your life doesn't end; it just bends.

If you needing assistance with dealing with Autoimmune and having difficulties to cope or adjust with your diagnose, I can assist. Over the years working with patience with Autoimmune I've developed a two month program to assist clients. I also do one on one coaching with clients if you feel you need that weekly or monthly support.

For any coaching booking please email me at or to look at the programs I offer

Yours in health

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1 Comment

Accepting an Autoimmune diagnosis is hard, but once you accept any limitations and take control of your life and your body it becomes immeasurably easier! And support on your journey really helps.

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