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Cooking Classes.

Would you love to join us in our kitchen and learn how to cook healthy foods? We have various cooking courses available to get you cooking in no time. 


2 Week Vegetarian Cooking 

Comprehensive cooking class where you will learn how to make  easy-to-follow vegetarian meals, get new recipes and taste with me while I'm cooking.

Class will only be confirm once we have 6 people interested.   

Image by Caroline Attwood

Ketogenic Cooking Made Easy

If you are stuck with your Keto-Diet join me for this class.

Easy to follow recipes and really tasty food to get the best out your diet.


Interactive class for 6 people.  


Paleo Cooking Made Easy

This class will teach you the basics of Paleo eating, how to prepare your food and how to get the best nutrition 

Classes will only be confirm if we have 6 people as this is an interactive cooking class.    

Image by Jez Timms

Healthy Salads

"Man can not live by meat alone, once in a while you need a salad."

Yes and what better way than a fun class with some girlfriends.   This class will give you great ideas and recipes to make salads interesting and healthy.

Class runs for 6 people.   

Image by Megan Markham

2 Week Immune Boosting 

Food is medicine and if we can cook to boost our immune why not use that to our advantage.  

This comprehensive cooking class will be hosted for 6 people and will give you the knowledge and the recipes to apply this in your own home. 

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Image by Stephanie McCabe

Healthy Entertaining Class

"Good friends buy you food,

best friends eat your food."

We all love having our friends over for but putting healthy food that is crowd pleasers that is not always easy.  

Join me in my kitchen for this cooking experience and be the healthy entertainer! 

Class will run for 6 people.

4 Week Healthy Family Cooking

This is the most booked class and perfect for anyone wanting to learn more.  This class will teach you everything from healthy cooking, techniques, how to run your kitchen, menu plans, shopping list, pantry stocking, storing food and hygiene in the kitchen.

To find out what is on the 4 week menu email me at or have a look at our Instagram page.


2 Week Easy Weeknight Dinners

Comprehensive cooking class with easy to follow recipes and great ideas on how to elevate your weeknight dinners.

Class runs for 6 people and will be weekday mornings.   Weekend classes can be arrange if need but please contact me directly for that.


Healthy Baking Class

Who doesn't love something sweet from time to time.   This doesn't have to be unhealthy so join me for this comprehensive class on how to do healthy baking.  

Classes run for 6 people so why not book this with your friends and enjoy a morning of learning, tasting and fun.

Image by Max Delsid

New Varsity Vibes

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New to cooking for yourself and want to avoid the bread basket or weight gain.


Class runs for 6 people,  bring your friends and come and enjoy a day of learning how to cook healthy, delicious, easy student friendly meals.

Includes: Recipe book, all ingredients, a pantry list, health advice, cooking tips and tricks and food tasting

*All our cooking courses are available for purchase in our online store.

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