Why Do You Need A Health Coach?

Chronic illness is the leading cause of death globally. Risk factors include stress, poor diets, being overweight, and unhealthy lifestyles. A health coach can come alongside you to help you create a healthy lifestyle so that you can lower your risk for disease & premature death. Here are 25 reasons why signing up with a health coach might be the next best step you take.

"Thanks Christine this has been awesome - I've loved having a plan to stick to everyday and a bonus . . . feeling healthier and lighter!"

— Juls

You cringe when you hear the word "diet."

You are skeptical about "detoxes."

You've made drastic changes that were unsustainable.

You tried your friend's diet and your results were minimal at best.

You are tired of being tired.

You want to reduce bloating, nausea, and migraines.

You want to get back into your old clothes size.

You need to detox from junk food.

You want more energy.

You don't want to struggle with your health.

You don't know how to navigate contradictory nutritional advice.

You want to start sleeping well.

You are undergoing chemotherapy.

You want to break free from emotional eating.

You want to nourish yourself in a healthy way.

You want a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

You want relief from chronic illness or allergies.

You suffer from an autoimmune disease.

You want to stabilize your blood sugar and hormones.

You want to reduce brain fog.

You are tired of struggling on your own.

You've decided it's time to take control.

You want to live a healthy lifestyle on a budget.

You want to take your health into your own hands.

You want to live a full & long life.

Programs, Classes & Packs.

We have various packs, programs, & classes to get you started on your way to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

Detox Packs.

Our DETOX PACKS are designed with your health & wellness in mind.  Try our "3-day Signature Vegetarian Cleanse" to reset your system or our "4-day Immune Boosting Detox Pack" to help your body fight seasonal illnesses and allergies.

Detox Programs.

Our DETOX PROGRAMS are designed with your health & wellness in mind.  Our most popular program is our "21-Day Signature Cleanse" Get your hormones in check with our "Hormonal Health" Program, "Perimenopause Program" or our amazing "Ketogenic" Program

Cooking Classes.

Our COOKING CLASSES are designed with your health & wellness in mind.  Our "4-Week Family Cooking Course" is very popular with au-pairs, domestic workers, or chefs and our "4-Week Healthy Entertaining Course" will add flair to your events.

Private Coaching.

Our PRIVATE COACHING is designed to determine what your health goals are & how to help you achieve them. We look at where you are currently, what you are doing and how we can change these to better your overall Health. We will guide you on your journey.