Your wellness journey begins here 

Welcome to your new journey into holistic wellness.  Take a look below and let me know which area you would like to focus on.  We can go slow, this is a life-style change not a quick fix solution.

All programs require the following from you:

  • Acknowledgment of the problem

  • The need for change

  • An open mind and excitement to make the changes

  • Honesty, integrity and open to becoming the best version of yourself 


Complete the Health Discover form so I can best guide and support you over the period. 

Program Summary (all Gluten, dairy & sugar free living) Vegan & Protein options.


Strict protocols

Holistic Weight loss programs that work

  • 5 Day detox (Joburg only)

  • 21 Day Signature cleanse (seasonal)

  • 30 Day Anti-Inflammatory Reset

  • Rebounding classes 2-3 times a week


Strict protocols

People with HIGH inflammatory responses and diseases

  • 30 Day Anti-Inflammatory Reset

  • 6 week Auto-immune Protocol

  • 14 Day Vegan reset

  • Gut Restore program – 2 months

  • Adrenal fatigue RESET

  • Candida Reset


more relaxed approach

Perfect for Boosting immunity, recovery and resetting your body

  • 21 Day Signature cleanse (seasonal)

  • 5 Day Detox (Joburg Only)

  • 21 Day clean eating vegetarian program

  • 14 Day Vegan reset

  • 30 Day Anti-inflammatory Reset

  • Adrenal Fatigue Reset


Women over 40 to understand their hormones and what to eat to feel fabulous

  • 21 Day Signature cleanse

  • 5 Day Detox (Joburg only)

  • Anti-aging & Hormonal program

  • 101 Perimenopause program

  • 101 Menopausal program



This is for anyone struggling with anxiety, stress, depression and need motivation to find themselves again.

  • 3 Month Mindset Make-over

  • OWN YOUR POWER & gain your strength


  1. Health discovery session

  2. Full guide on the related topic

  3. Full recipe guide with delicious recipes from Christine’s Detox kitchen

  4. Full guidance & Support via emails, calls and what’s app messages

  5. Accountability coaching and check in’s to keep you going.

My heart felt commitment to YOU.  I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their health goals, dreams and desires. I believe in whatever you put into your body is a reflection on what you get out daily.


My programs work, so if you committed I am there for you every step of the way, even if you fall off sometimes, I will be there to pick you up.   It’s a journey and we in it together xx Christine

Programs, Classes & Packs.

We have various packs, programs, & classes to get you started on your way to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

Detox Packs.

Our DETOX PACKS are designed with your health & wellness in mind.  Try our "3-day Signature Vegetarian Cleanse" to reset your system or our "4-day Immune Boosting Detox Pack" to help your body fight seasonal illnesses and allergies.

Detox Programs.

Our DETOX PROGRAMS are designed with your health & wellness in mind.  Our most popular program is our "21-Day Signature Cleanse" Get your hormones in check with our "Hormonal Health" Program, "Perimenopause Program" or our amazing "Ketogenic" Program

Cooking Classes.

Our COOKING CLASSES are designed with your health & wellness in mind.  Our "4-Week Family Cooking Course" is very popular with au-pairs, domestic workers, or chefs and our "4-Week Healthy Entertaining Course" will add flair to your events.

Private Coaching.

Our PRIVATE COACHING is designed to determine what your health goals are & how to help you achieve them. We look at where you are currently, what you are doing and how we can change these to better your overall Health. We will guide you on your journey.