Private Coaching.

101 Private Coaching with Christine Phillips.

Your health journey is a personal one, what works for some may not work for another.

Christine offers individual health and wellness consultations. During these sessions Christine will examine your health history, lifestyle, current approach to wellness as well as your family history and more.


By doing so you will achieve a holistic picture of your current situation and together with the guidance from Christine find a holistic approach to bettering your life, health, relationships and state of mind.

Elements that may effect your wellness journey include:

Your blood type

Allergies and food sensitivities

Cultural restrictions



Stage in life ie. menopause or perimenopause


Christine will unpack your health history with you and from here guide you on the best program for you.

Download and complete the HY Health History form. Return it to me as soon as possible so we can begin your journey to complete Health and Wellness. 


"Your health journey is a personal and private one that does not need to be advertised or splashed all over social media"  - Christine