Private Coaching.

101 Private Coaching with Christine Phillips.

Healthy YOU Session

This session is 1 ½ hours long and i ideal for clients with less then 7kg to loose.


  • Go through your current eating plans and health history in depth

  • Analyse and make changes to your current plan as well as implement new strategies and recipes

  • Introduce fail proof recipes and tips which are nutrient dense.  Discover what foods your body needs to function at its optimal level.

  • Review your exercise plans and Self care practices

  • Discuss Supplements, what you using and suggestions for your body

Leave with a feeling of being empowered and confident in how to take back the control of your wellbeing – once and for all.  Go forward with a healthy approach to wellness that doesn’t involve constant dieting. 

R700 Per Session

HY - To your NEW beginning

This is a 3 month program and ideal for clients with 10kg upwards to loose


We will cover many aspects of your primary foods in life which might be holding you back and retaining all the inflammation in your body.  I have found the best and most sustainable solution is a holistic one.

Imagine a way of life that offers:


  • A strong, robust immune system: no more getting hit with all the bugs ‘going around’ and costly doctor’s appointments

  • Perfect digestion: reduce bloating and lower belly pain.

  • Improved metabolism

  • Reduced cravings: only crave the good food your body loves

  • Restore your gut health

  • A feel-good ideal weight that you can maintain easily

  • Relief from PMS symptoms and hormonal disturbances

  • An enjoyment of real food without a sense of deprivation

  • Glowing skin, hair and nails (naturally)

  • Clarity of thought and decisiveness

  • Confidence in how you live (no more second guessing)

  • Productive days fuelled by natural energy, rather than empty stimulants.

  • Natural weight loss

My handheld approach to changing your life.  

Christine 7.jpg

Download and complete the HY Health History form. Return it to me as soon as possible so we can begin your journey to complete Health and Wellness. 

R1,400 once off

During these challenging times of Covid-19 as a parent you do acknowledge that health is important for yourself and your family.  This is the perfect time to transform your families health with simple, natural and actionable solutions.    


Parents:  Your children’s health starts with you. Looking after yourself first, directly impacts the health of your children.  Our children learn from what we do, so we need to lead by example.  There is so much information out there, let me guide you with the correct, most up to date resources to assist you and your family to make the right health choices.

HY – Nourish Your Family is designed to help you and your family thrive with practical advice, monthly family friendly healthy recipes, weekly menu plans, weekly workshops on various topics and so much more.  It’s the perfect natural solution to addressing allergies, fussy eating, behavioral concerns, auto-immunity, anxiety, ADHD, toxins and weight issues. 

Join me for this transnational program that’s all about raising a happy, healthy family through simple, wholesome nutrition. Set healthy foundations for life.  Being healthy isn’t complicated, but it is a lifestyle where you learn the ropes that intuitively make sense and start making new choices that become a way of life. These choices are then naturally handed down from one generation to the next as they were in years gone by.  It all begins in our hearts and homes. 

R2,500 per family

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