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Green Medicine

"Getting back to my roots"

Food has always been an integral part of my life.  From my grandmother to my mother to me, we have a shared love of cooking. The kitchen is definitely the heart of our home - from cooking, to meaningful conversations to nourishing our bodies.  What we eat has a huge impact on our health, both positive and negative.  Many of our “lifestyle diseases”(diabetes, heart disease, strokes and dementia) can be cured by changing your lifestyle.   I think its important to try and understand nutrition and to do your best to fuel your body with foods that heal so you can prevent disease.  


From the air we breathe, to our water and products around us, we are exposed to so many environmental toxins daily which are so difficult to avoid.  One thing we do have control of is the food we eat.  We need to be asking ourselves the question “Is this healing or harming me”?.


Food is more than nutrients & health, it is comfort when you're homesick or stressed, it is family, it is friends, it is home, it is celebrations, it is love.   Your relationship with food is different for so many reasons, but one thing we know for sure is that it's what keeps us alive.  Having a positive relationship with food can change your life.  Some people have no idea how good their bodies can feel if they are fuelled correctly. 

The statement "food is medicine" isn’t just a saying but a fact. 


We need to tap into foods for healing and learn to cook with them.   You can create your own “farmacy” from home, right in your own garden.  We are going to start a journey of rediscovering nature, getting back to basics and the simple remedies our great grandmothers and their mothers knew and used.  We are going to explore these remedies, use them and bring them back into our homes, as they are cheaper than medications and better for our bodies.  We are getting back to our roots with green medicine. 


Intuitively YOUR body tells you what it needs and shows it through reactions like bloating, skin conditions, health conditions, low energy etc but OUR BRAINS are the problem - we don’t listen to our bodies.

I am very nutrition focused and believe in the power of a 'healthy plate' instead of pills - it's easy, cost effective and evidence-based for preventing and reversing disease.  I have seen huge changes in my clients over the past 8 years, it works and it changes their lives, which brings me great joy.  This fills my cup 😊.


Our first Monthly online class will be in May – these are Functional cooking classes

(You will receive notes and recipes)


Reducing inflammation through green medicine

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