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Detox Programs.

Are you in desperate need of changing the way you eat? We have various programs available to get your health journey started. 


  • Full Program Guide

  • Great Recipes

  • Shoppings Lists

  • Support Group 

  • Full Support from Your Personal Health Coach, Christine 

Image by Alina Karpenko

30-Day Autoimmune Program

You might feel at your wits end - it can feel impossible to overcome, BUT you are not alone. 

With this program you can:

  • Get your energy, strength and immunity back 

  • Overcome stress, exhaustion, mental strain and overwhelm.

  • Can lose excess weight without starving yourself, and get your body healthy and strong

21-Day "Clean Eating" 
Vegetarian  Program
Image by Anna Pelzer

21-Day Clean Eating Healthy Vegetarian

This is a exciting program for individuals or families.  Learning how to eat clean has never been this tasty!



Shopping lists,

2 Video Inserts,

Cooking demo,

Tips on how to eat and cook healthy


21-Day Signature Seasonal Cleanse

Fully guided program with recipes, shopping lists and support. 

What can you expect from this :

  • Improved digestion

  • Allergy Relief,

  • drop an Average 2-6 kgs,

  • balance hormones,

  • increased Energy,

  • boost immune system,

  • Tissue regeneration and Radiant skin. 

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30 Day Adrenal Fatigue Program

Struggling to get back on track after Adrenal Fatigue.   

This program will assist you on your way to health.  

Included in this program: 

  • Recipe's

  • Seasonal cleansing recipes

  • Shopping lists and meal plans

  • Weekly emails and blogs

  • Group motivational chats

  • Coaching and support


21 Day Perimenopause & 21 Day Menopause Program

Perimenopause & Menopause are transitional phases of a woman's life.  This should not be filled with stress and struggles over weight. 


Both of my programs focus on assisting you through this time with a focus on healthy food to assist your body. 

Included in this program:

  • Seasonal healthy recipes to assist with hormones

  • Shopping lists, menu's as well as support from me.


21 Day Hormonal Detox Program

What can you expect from this detox program:

  • Increase metabolism 

  • Reduce indigestion, inflammation and irritation of the gut

  • Get rid of toxic excess in your bloodstream

  • Create healthier eating habits

  • Get more done with less exhaustion

  • Wake up feeling rested & curb fatigue

  • Balance your mood & improve the way you feel


30 Day PCOS Program

If you struggling with the following:

  • Can't loose weight

  • Hair falling out

  • Periods are never normal or don't exist

  • Hormones a mess

  • Mood swings and exhausted 

Join me for this 4 week course where we will work through the different types of PCOS, sugars in your diets, Periods and how to fix all of this with the right diet. 

*All our detox programs are available for purchase in our online store.

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