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Client Reviews

"The preservation of HEALTH is easier than the CURE of the disease. "

These are some of the reviews received from incredible clients that I've had the privilege to work with.  ​

I came across Health Yourself at a time when the results of the Covid period had been unkind and harsh to my body. A long sentence to say I had gained over 10kg, we shall not mention the exact kg’s because, using the 'end in mind' method - I have lost them and feel great. But, to make matters worse, at that time, I had also experienced an Achilles tendon rupture and I could not do any form of exercise for about a year, so yes, gained more than 10kg.

My first conversation introduction to Health Yourself through Christine gave me hope that I could get practical support for the eating domain of getting back to health. Losing weight and getting back to health is more than just about exercising, as the saying goes, 20% sweat but 80% kitchen is the best formula that will get you results, sustainable results. This support was based on the fact that Christine, as a functional medicine and integrative nutrition wellness coach, knows how to listen to your concerns and hold the space, but more so knows how to remind you that as much as getting it right in the kitchen when you are facing a mountain to climb is a daunting task, you will achieve it one step at a time while blessing your tastes buds with healthy food that keeps you coming back for more, while you learn how to make them yourself, granted her salad dressings are impossible to replicate , a well kept secret that makes any greens taste like a Michelin style meal, but I have enjoyed learning to make my own. This has helped with making time go by faster than I anticipated. She offers the “detox” program monthly which has made me feel like part of a community, and created something to look forward to and gives my body that reset  every month and a stark reminder that I need to focus and stay on course. I did not know what a poke bowl is before Health Yourself, now I insist on restaurants that offer meals that are in line with the Health Yourself program. In the program, for dinner we have soups, now, this is like a hug from nature for my tummy, delicious, healthy, light, just what I need for an evening meal. I have suffered from constipation a lot in the past and through soup dinners I found a way to help my tummy work like magic, I also realise that this has been a big reason why I could not shed off my weight, I ate heavy in the evenings. The soups are so convenient, you freeze, heat, and actually the whole family joins me for these in the evening and they too love how they feel in the morning. I got accustomed to the program and have recently moved to the “fasting” program, this helped me become adept at doing intermittent fasting when necessary, and through this I got to see the gains that I work so hard for in the gym. The program comes with  freshly squeezed juices that I have become addicted to, the taste of fresh ginger and whatever else she puts inside, makes me feel like I am drinking an antioxidant every time, I say this because after I do a week of Health Yourself fasting, my skin, over and above other benefits I mentioned, glows beautifully and I even see improvements in pigmentation - I get compliments on it every time. I am grateful for us finding each other, still have some way to go but I feel strong, healthy and really good.  I got here with a lot of help from a community, and I count Health Yourself as one of the pillars of this community. And of course, drink your water, lots of water. - NTHABELENG

I started my journey with Christine & Health Yourself after being noticed at the gym toiling away day to day, lifting those heavy weights, running on the treadmill and still I’d look into that mirror and felt like giving up. What more must I do? I’m eating less food, dieting like mad & even some days just eating 1 meal a day only to come home and experience bloating, fatigue, constipation, irritated moods, and being extremely frustrated. I’d then do what most women do, emotionally eat away all my troubles. Till I started feeling ill again and took a tonne of meds(i made the pharmacy industry quiet a good profit for almost 6 months) It was through a current client of Christine’s that I reached out to her, I had decided enough is enough, I need to learn about food & detoxing because there’s something minutely annoying that’s going on & a change needs to happen. I started with doing 2 detox challenges and immediately noticed my tummy flattening within 3 days, my overall agility & energy levels were stabilising around day 4 and I feel clean and light from the inside. The salads, soups, juices and the rest were meals I’d actually look forward to every 2 hours or so because it reset my mind in a way that I can’t even explain. I also tried the online program for detoxing which was spread across 3 weeks, which equipped me with the recipes for healthier food combos I could enjoy. We hear it all the time, dairy free, gluten free, sugar free and sometimes we think oh but we’ve eaten these all our lives and nothing major happened. Until you’re aging and over 30 where you find your metabolism slowing, not realising you’ve been storing all these bad things like an investment and your body’s been the bank for a bad bad result compounding over time. Discovering Health Yourself & Christine is the sign I asked for that day before I entered the gym & 20 mins later the wonderful lady named Pearl Thusi walked up to me and mentioned it to me. I don’t even know if she remembers me as I was just another ordinary gal at the gym that day, but I definitely will not forget that day. - MERISHA



Christine , thanks for encouraging us to do your detox week. We thoroughly enjoyed it and will be back. It's a tough reset but reminds us that we are constantly overindulging on booze and food 😎. I only lost a few kg's but more importantly trimmed 5cm off the boep, which shows it can be done with healthy eating and no booze . Well done on the quality and variety of your meals - it was a Wow moment ! I can see why you are so highly regarded in your field - well done! - ROB


Really enjoyed your 5 day detox this past week. Some days were hard, but you kept encouraging us and I couldn’t thank you enough. My husband and I feel so much lighter and focused on our healthy eating journey. - NONHLANHLA

I can confidently say that my experience with Christine has been nothing short of remarkable. From the moment I embarked on Christine's detox and weight-loss program, she exuded professionalism. Her attention to detail, menu and food preparation is unmatched. Rather than prescribing generic advice Christine takes her time to understand your unique needs and goals. What stands out about Christine is her guidance, motivation, positive attitude and genuine care, which made the process very enjoyable. My health journey has been transformative and invaluable, and i can highly recommend Christine to anyone seeking guidance on their wellness journey. - HELEN T

I took part in your inflammation program.  It really worked wonders for my constant lower backache.  I wasn’t able to bend down or pick something up from the ground as I was extremely stiff from constant inflammation. The pain started disappearing around the second week and I could now freely bend and do exercise again which I avoided because of the constant pain and stiffness.  The recipes were easy to follow and tasted amazing and really did not take long to prepare.  Truly grateful for this program as it is something I could always fall back on if I haven't been strict with my eating plan.  The constant support and follow ups from you kept me on track and motivated!  Thank you! I can honestly recommend this program to anyone feeling lethargic or with any form of inflammation, as it will greatly benefit not just inflammation in the body but truly make them feel amazing and energetic. - SHANELLE dC

I have done many of Christine's Health Yourself programmes and they have literally saved my life. I was in a very bad way after having kids and a very stressful job and by starting the programmes I have completely changed the way my family and I eat. We are rarely sick and have energy for days. You just feel so much better once you've completed a course. We can’t eat rubbish anymore when we know that there are so many delicious healthy options to rather choose from. Thank you, Christine. What an incredible journey you have led me on. -  CATHY T

Detox Review: The words tasty, flavourful and nutritious best describe Christine from Health Yourself's detox meals. She puts a lot of thought into her programs and supports you holistically throughout the entire detox process. A fantastic experience and I highly recommend it. - Claire Cullen

My husband and I have just completed the Clean Eating Seasonal Detox by Health Yourself. The medicinal foods truly enliven every cell in one’s body. The programme has re-ignited our passion to live a healthier lifestyle by incorporating more green, healthy, wholesome foods in our diet. We enjoy our clean eating regime and will certainly be back for more! The food is delicious and nutritious and it is such a pleasure not to have to worry about ‘what to cook for dinner.’ There is more than enough food and the easy-to-follow programme makes clean eating an absolute delight! I couldn’t live without the additional remedies such as the flu tea (especially in Winter), natural elixir (to fight off those nasty flu bugs) and beet kvass for additional energy. I can highly recommend Health Yourself's Clean Eating Programme for healthier nutrition and a renewed zest for life!  - Carike Laroque

This isn't only review about winning but more about how your plan and clean living has helped me. For years I have always educated myself on clean eating and reducing inflammation. I had just had a miscarriage and then lockdown came in which allowed me no time to heal.  During that time I also had to see to a partner who wasn't well with 2 huge chronic illnesses and 3 kids...also being at home with online schooling.. I totally neglected myself and was a caregiver to 3 kids and hubby in challenging times.  Preparing food was a challenge as what was clean wasnt allowed for my husband.. So i prepared only what he could have and my body was suffering with inflammation as it was difficult to prepare various different meals. Last year I came across your detox packs and other online programs. I did 2 detox packs... 21 day program and skinny black dress challenge.  Really helped me reset and reduce Inflammation... I think it was only by doing those programs and then having covid in December that I managed to cope.  Though I was hit hard with covid I managed to see to my hubby and kids and recover with information that i learned from you and the miracle elixir.... Used no antibiotics that doc prescribed 😜  This year started off with a bang with kids being back full time and full school and sport schedules.  And so challenging seeing to hubby and his health setbacks.  Having a reset with a detox programme would be awesome to get back on track.  Thank you for all the effort and love you put into your programmes. -    Soraya

I got introduced to the 5-day detox by a friend a bit less than a year ago and since then I truly love it. First of all the detox forces me to focus on myself and listen my body and emotions. For a week time you have no choice but to face how good or bad your body feels and Christine is helping by providing all the elements I would need for this full week of self care.  Stoping coffee, alcohol, and following a routine helped me to realized the things I had to change in my daily life. As an example the first days of the first detox I had terrible headaches because of the lack of caffeine so after this first one I decided to get only one coffee per day and I could see the difference while doing the second detox. Such as my daily 1.5/2L of water that I wasn’t getting before the detox. Also, it really helped me to loose weight and to get the motivation of carrying on with a great diet. The meals are so delicious that it gives the desire of recreating some of them at home. The detoxes are a great way of realigning: my sleep got better as well, such as my skin and my digestive system. To conclude, I would highly recommend it and could honestly be on a detox like this for most of my life if I could do myself such delicious meals!  -  ANNA

REBOUNDING !!   Just wanted to pop you a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review!  I have only been attending rebound classes for 4 months but I can physically see the change and feel the change it has made … not only for my physical wellbeing but my mental too. And happiest of news my body is going through changes in all the right places! 👙  It’s lovely to be amongst people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels and not for one second feel judged for my fitness levels.  I don’t attend as often as I would like, but even the once a week gives me my full cup of wellness!  More so it’s fun, exhilarating, different each time and mostly something I get to do with my daughter!   It’s an absolute 5 Star 

Thanks for making exercise funtastic 🌹   -  Kerry

Christine has not only inspired me, but has taught me valuable advice on coaching me on my health and changing the way I think about what I put into my body.  She truly cares about you and encourages you to push yourself as the benefits are for you. Christine’s persistency and energy is contagious not only regarding health however also with rebounding. She sparked my drive and ambition to find the perfect exercise regime for me whilst making it fun and entertaining. Her welcoming warm smile as you enter her beautiful home filled with all her fur children who equally entertain us while we are jumping on our trampoline. The last 5 months have been such an awesome experience and I look forward to many more wonderful learning experiences with Christine. - BIANCA

I suffer with extreme inflammation -for a very long time, many years infact and as a result I have many complications , and whilst medication did help release some of my symptoms ,it’s only temporary. In 2022 I decided to stop my meds and went on a natural healing path. I decided to Join Christine from Health yourself in Jan/Feb 2022- and went on her inflammatory detox for a week.  All I can say is no medication can do this, I felt amazing I felt like a brand new person. Amazing to realize what good clean food can do for your body! I learnt a lot about food and making conscious decisions on what to put into my body and 5 months into this year I can honestly say it’s the best investment ever. I lost kgs and centimeters and my gut is healing after years. I’m always keen to join a detox Program because I see the results . There’s still a long journey ahead for me   but to see such results gives me hope. I highly recommend anyone who is lost  and not sure where to start to give Christine a chance , you will not look back!!  -  Rammikisson

Christine’s detox programs are like watching one of those home makeover shows, when a team comes in and paints the walls, hangs some beautiful pictures, plants a garden and moves in new, or upcycles old, furniture for better fit and function. Only the home in question is your body and by the end of the makeover you feel like you’ve moved to a villa overlooking the ocean. Her meals are delicious and freshly prepared, the meals plans are easy to follow, and you find yourself looking forward to her daily motivations. I can’t recommend Health Yourself enough! – Kerry Johnston

I started rebounding in Oct 2021 after a friend convinced me to try it. I went the first time and loved it.  I then decide that I would buy a rebounder and do online sessions. This lasted 2 bounces on my new rebounder and I was bored…. I knew I had to go back to Christine. She made it fun and the fact that I was there in a class with like-minded people was what I needed. I could also dedicate an hour of rebounding to just me.  No phone calls, or WhatsApp’s to interrupt me… which is so easy when you at home.. I decided that this was my “Me Time”.  As a working mum we are always on the run and never really take an hour for ourselves… One where nothing disturbs you… Not even your phone.   After 3 months of bouncing I realised how my body had changed. I had reduced cellulite and the fat around my stomach was slowly disappearing. I also had no more lower back and hip pain. After having 2 hip repairs on the same hip a year apart I could no longer run and the HIIT I was doing online through lockdown was causing more issues for me.  I decided it was time to try something more… add something. I chatted to Christine and my friend and I started on her Skinny Black Dress program. It was a 2 week program to shed a few kilos. Not once were we hungry. We stuck to it religiously… except for the coffee 😉 and at the end of the 2 weeks I had lost 3kgs. I was so excited. It wasn’t so much the weight loss that excited me but that I felt great, had more energy and my clothes were comfortable.  I had been told by a few ladies in the class about the 5 day detox but there was no way I was doing a 5 day detox… You starve on a detox and I need to eat. My friend and I decided we would try a 3 day detox. Christine gave us all we needed for this and all we had to make for ourselves was lunch. Simple enough… and it really was.  My friend then convinced me that we should try the 5 day detox… It so happened that it fell over a week we were both not very busy and could actually do it without “cheating”  In May we started the 5 day detox… I was still wary about the starving part… until my pack arrived on the Sunday. I was blown away by how much food there was. All prepared for me. I literally had to take it out and eat it. I felt so energised that week. So much so that I started meal prepping… Something I’ve always thought I should do but had never done because it was too much effort. The thing is that Christine’s healthy ways had got me thinking that it really was not that much effort. There are weeks when I’m lazy like this week and for those weeks there is Christine. All I did was pop her a message with which smoothies and soups I wanted for the week and an hour later they arrived. Christine is an amazing health coach. She does not push you into anything but helps you to slowly change the way you eat and how you see food as well as your mindset around your health. I’m so grateful to have met Christine. I still rebound twice a week and incorporate the tools Christine has given me into my everyday life and I am feeling amazing in my skin again.

Give the next Detox a try. You won’t be sorry. Go to her website and buy it online. – Bronwyn Rouan

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