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Health Yourself  

Adapting to change.  2021/2022 taught me so much but one thing is for sure, you need to learn to adapt to change.  It was the first year I was not preparing lunch boxes and doing school runs which, to be honest, is life changing. Having said that, the house is much quieter, calm, no distasteful music playing or laughter and empty cups lying around.    With this 'new found' freedom after 18 years, I decided to focus on a project that I have always wanted to do - a tranquil Veggie garden.  


Living in Joburg is not my 'natural' space.  I am, in my soul, someone who needs to be at the coast and in nature.  This is where I find my energy, my peace, and it fuels my soul.    

Health Yourself Urban Detox Garden Project Begins…… I am so blessed to have a husband who helps and guides me with all my ideas, so he got to work. 

After weeks of planning, approving and finally installing I’m now finally seeing the fruit of my vision. This project was so much more than just Urban Farming, but it was also turning a wasted space in my garden into something functional that can supply food for my family, my Detox Kitchen as well as my staff.   It’s totally organic, it’s beautiful, peaceful and flourishing.  I absolutely LOVE coming in here.  Since I can’t get to the coast much, I am gaining my energy and fuelling my soul through nature and my veggie garden.  The satisfaction of giving my clients & our family totally organic & toxin free produce makes me so happy.  I have learnt so much - and trust me, I knew nothing prior to this - and I'm learning daily, making mistakes but gaining in knowledge for the next season. 


I strongly encourage you to take a small space in your garden or even convert some grass into a functional veggie garden where you can grow your own food & herbs with no pesticides.   If you have no space at all, Microgreens are fabulous to grow inside and you can use them in a week or two PLUS they are 3 x more potent than the full grown plant.  


Enjoy the pics of our new HY Detox garden 


Christine xx

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