Health Yourself Kids & Teens.

The food you offer your family has a profound effect on their physical, emotional and intellectual health.


I find the youth are certainly more exposed to healthier choices and many want to be healthy, many turning vegetarian or even vegan. This is great, however, I do feel they need to learn about free-style eating and not put themselves into these categories either. I am starting a youth movement to educate teens / young adults about making sure they are nourishing their bodies correctly. I think it is so important to teach them to listen to their bodies and trust their own instincts about food (not just do what their parents want them to do. Honestly, it is a gift if you can love and honor your body as a young person showing it respect and boundaries.

I will be staring a few challenges for teens over the next few months. Healthy challenges. I will run them on Instagram (as I know they are all on Instagram), I will add some prizes in to make it more beneficial for them too.  This will not be about dieting, however, if they are overweight they will lose weight, others will maintain their healthy weight. Encourage them to sign up and follow my Instagram feed @healthyourselfsa.

I will also be looking for a few youthful ambassadors for Health Yourself that have a keen interest in healthy food and cooking.  This will be a good opportunity for them to get a healthy following and be apart of a great healthy movement.