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#3-Month Body-Mind-Stress Reboot Program

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Join a great group of like-minded people and practice the art of living a stress-free life by putting yourself first.

Over three months you'll reboot your mindset for a clearer, more self-loving you who learns to relax and enjoy life - and you'll discover techniques for the entire family to use. This is the perfect program to get you through winter and keep you focused through to year end.

If you're feeling exhausted, physically and emotionally, this program will change your perspective so you believe life is all about living and enjoying while embracing challenges.

This program is about combatting stress so you feel positive, cared for and refuelled by learning healthy preventative measures such as Self-assessment, Stress Management & Relaxation, Self-care, Prioritisation, Reviving Yourself.

PLUS you will receive Winter warming recipes to keep your family healthy over this period.

What you'll get on this program:

  • 3 x months of motivation and support
  • 1 x one-on-one session for a health plan
  • 1 x free Natural Remedies Booklet
  • 1 x 50% discount on 'Toxins In Your Life' Online Wellness Talk
  • 1 x discounted rate on my NEW course, "A Younger YOU", designed by Dr Kara Fitzgerald, renowned for her work in the field of age reversal.

Revive will transform your life for the better. It is an art to be positive and feel positive even in negative situations and the program ensures that you learn this art in the perfect way. You can and will live a life that fulfilling, satisfying and filled with joy. Stress is fatal - accept help and heal!

“The program made me learn self-assessment and identify factors that contributed to an increase in my stress level. I learned the art of managing stress and overpowering it to be a better human. “ Sarah

“I hold all my stress inside and it shows with my weight. This program has allowed me to let go and deal with my stress and I have now finally started to lose the weight I have been holding onto for so many years.” Ciara

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