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Housekeeper Enrichment Program

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Monthly empowerment and enrichment program for women

Many of us have demanding and stressful careers.We are balancing our work and our homes.We rely on our housekeepers to clean, cooking, sort out kids, tidy up, manage the house and have a smiley face and stay motivated! Right!

As we all know it’s not easy to stay motivated in one career, year after year doing the same job.Many of us are privileged enough to have additional training offered by our employers as well as wellness programs, life coaching etc. Through our various classes we have seen that housekeepers work well with constant motivation, encouragement, need ideas and stimulation.

This year HY is offering a NEW Housekeeper Monthly Enrichment Program.

Your housekeeper’s monthly empowerment and motivational program

Registration Fee: R 100 once off per person (includes folder)

3 month Package: R 1800 per person

6 month Package: R 3600 per person


WhatsApp Group for all members

Essential for group sharing and support throughout the month.Weekly suggestions, tips and recipes to try.We will require them to take a pic and send on the group for accountability and here they can ask questions and share ideas and motivation.

Monthly Empowerment meetings

Networking with tea and coffee

Cooking demo & food tasting with recipes

Talk by Guest Speaker OR Christine Phillips from talk topics below

Talk and Demo available via video for those who can’t attend the morning

WEEKLY WHAT’S APP emails and messages touching the following -

Talk topics include: personal wellness, budgeting, investing money & savings, pension, personal hygiene, healthy eating, freezing, household cleaning lists and templets, using clean eco products and making them, ironing, simple hand sewing, how to plan and organise cupboards, personal health assessments (testing sugar levels etc), baking and more.We will add to this as we go. Your suggestions are welcome.

Recipe of the week

Pictures of the end products shared on WhatsApp group

(ladies are expected to share their recipes and food pics)

Weekly household tips

Tips on household cleaning and general household management

Weekly affirmations

Keeping your housekeeper continuously motivated is key to success

What we aim to achieve

Housekeepers that are more positive, motivated and have something to look forward to weekly and monthly.As you know when women connect and work together, they create great things and positive energy.We all need some encouragement so we will assist you to give your housekeepers the boost they need.We will touch on many topics that will help get your home more organised as well as look after your housekeepers’ wellbeing.The aim is to also educate and upskill.The topics are to improve on their personal growth and life style as well as improve their work performance

Monthly incentive

A portion of the monthly fee will go towards a prize for the housekeeper that participates the most during the month. This will be an incentive for the ladies to stay motivated, participate and excel in the monthly activities. This will be in a form of a voucher. The more people participating, the higher the amount will be monthly.


There will be a registration form and right of admission is reserved. This is my home so there will be a limit to the group.

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