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Unapologetically 'Self-Made'

In this era of curated posts and polished success stories it’s SO easy to get trapped comparing yourself to those around you. 

It's time we debunk the glammed-up myth of 'self-made.' Don't get swayed by the highlight reels on social media platforms! They're not the full story.


A string of zeros in your bank account, a celebrity-like following, going viral—none of these define you as 'self-made.' Life isn't a race—your pace is the correct pace.


Being 'self-made' isn't just about the glitz, glamour, and hefty bank balances. It's a journey. Your journey.


❣️ It's about the times you fell hard, then dusted off quietly and rose even stronger.


❣️ It's about those long nights spent learning, adapting, and improving.


❣️ It's about the courage to take leaps of faith and the resilience to hang on when things go south.


Your journey, with all its bumps, ebbs and flows, IS what makes you 'self-made'.


Your struggles, bruises, the hushed whispers of self-doubt, the silent victories.


As I turn 50 this year I am confident and more in control of who I am. 


I truly understand 'self-made'.  There's no glory in being a replica of someone else's journey.


Every hurdle you step over, every challenge you navigate, sculpts your unique, incredible 'self-made' story.


So, here's to embracing your unscripted, raw, unfiltered journey.


Here's to celebrating resilience, will and tenacity.


Here's to being truly, unapologetically, courageously 'self-made'.

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