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Why Now is The Season To Eat Well...

  1. Food is Fresh, Available, and Affordable It’s easy to eat fresh, locally grown food when fruits and vegetables are as abundant and available as they are during the spring and summer months.

  2. You Can Get Back To Basics Always keep basic staples in the cupboard, so you’ll be ready for an easy, impromptu meal. They don’t need to cost much. To eat well, you don’t have to indulge in expensive specialty foods or the new, trendy exotic fruit du jour. Keep it simple.

  3. You Can Savour the Flavour Herbs, spices, and berries are all plentiful during the warmer months. Get creative, and experiment using herbs like basil, coriander, parsley, mint or fresh dill. In the warmer months, these are so easy to grow right in your own window!

  4. You Can Lighten Your Load Produce is available in huge quantities and varieties during the warm months. This wide array of options makes it easy to enjoy a light, plant-based diet, which can keep your heart healthy, your waistline slender, and your blood sugar levels optimized.

  5. There Are So Many Ways To Enjoy Your Leftovers Making a tasty salad or smoothie can be made using leftover fruit and vegetables from the day before. Be creative, you can’t go wrong with fresh produce

  6. Dine Under the Stars Add flare to your normal weeknight routine by creating your own summery dinner table outside. Relaxing under the stars, enjoying a fine meal with friends, will soothe your nerves and help you digest your food, while truly appreciating the magic of the season.

  7. Going Local Can Be Better Than Going Organic While it’s sometimes OK to choose the conventional versions of fruits and vegetables, whenever possible, it’s best to opt for organic. This limits your exposure to pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, drugs, and other toxins that can be found in conventionally grown food.

  8. Summery Food Preparation Is Quick and Simple Summer is all about quick and easy meal prep. Your body craves raw or lightly cooked food, which means less time for you in the kitchen. This gives you more time to get outside and enjoy the simple life pleasures.

  9. There Is More Than Meets the Eye In Colorful Summer Foods Summer fruits and vegetables grow in a variety of beautiful colours that make food more pleasing to the eye, and the more beauty on your plate, the more pleasure you receive from your meal. The more pleasure you feel, the less likely it is you’ll overeat.

  10. The time to spend in the kitchen With the holiday season approaching now is the effect time to learn some new recipes for you to prepare during the holidays. Entertain well, eat well, live well, love the season.

Enjoy the season, have fun, eat well and stay healthy!

Yours in health,


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