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99 WAYS TO TREAT YOURSELF - and has nothing to do with food

“Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.” ~ Steve Maraboli

Healthy Pleasures

It’s human nature to seek out pleasure, especially during times of stress. The problem is that too often, we turn to food – unhealthy foods to be precise.

That’s why it’s called “comfort food”, but the irony is that while it comforts us in the short-term, it often hurts us in the long-term by increasing inflammation and sometimes kicking off an autoimmune flare.

So, here is a small list of “self care” treats that add to our health instead of detracting from it.

1. Watch a sunrise.

2. Watch a sunset.

3. Stargaze.

4. Listen to a rainstorm.

5. Set up a bird feeder.

6. Go to the park and read under a tree.

7. Walk barefoot through the grass – grounding is so important.

8. Lie down and look for pictures in the clouds.

9. Lie in the sun.

10. Take a hike.

11. Take a nap.

12. Take a bath

13. Light some candles and turn out the lights.

14. Float on a river.

15. Swim in the ocean.

16. Lie in a hammock

17. Go for a walk WITHOUT your phone.

18. Do a day of Digital Detoxing

19. Seek out silence.

20. Play your favourite music.

21. Make yourself a happiness playlist

22. Learn to play a musical instrument.

23. Sing in the shower.

24. Diffuse your favourite essential oils

25. Dance in your living room.

26. Go to the movies

27. Have date night at home

28.Make love.

29. Meditate


31. Practice yoga

32. Jump on a trampoline

33. Watch a funny movie

34. Make a friend laugh.

35. Read a book

36. Read a children’s book

37. Browse a book store

38.Go on a book “blind date” – you pick out a book for a friend and have them pick out a favourite for you.

39. Watch an animated film

40. Watch a movie from your childhood

41. Have a Netflix marathon weekend.

42. Plan a game night

43. Do a puzzle

44. Lie under a tree in the garden

45. Snuggle with a pet.

46. Go to the dog park (even if you don’t have a dog).

47. Go people-watching at your special hangout

48.Play with kids

49. Collect hugs.

50.Go for a scenic drive

51. Write in your journal.

52. Write a poem.

53. Write a hand-written letter.

54. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time.

55. Practice a random act of kindness.

56. Look through old photo albums.

57. Print off some favourite pictures from your phone.

58. Practice nature photography in your neighbourhood.

59. Do a photobook of happy moments

60. Make a chalk drawing in your driveway.

61. Create a vision board

62. Take an art class.

63. Visit a museum.

64. Put something beautiful up on your wall.

65. Declutter

66. Get a massage

67. Try sound therapy

68.Visit a float tank

69. Visit a hot spring.

70. Relax in a sauna

71. Give yourself a home facial

72. Get or give a non-toxic manicure/pedicure.

73. Give yourself a compliment.

74. Garden or water the garden.

75. Pick some flowers or buy yourself a bouquet.

76. Pull our weeds

77. Buy yourself a stress ball

78. Visit the farmers market

79. Take a farm tour.

80. Go horseback riding.

81. Ride on a rollercoaster

82.Fly a kite

83.Go antiquing.

84.Go to the library.

85. Be a tourist in your hometown.

86.Plan a date night with your spouse or a friend.

87. Dress up.

88. Spend one entire day in your PJ’s.

89.Take a solitude hour.

90. Plan a solitude day.

91. Go to bed early.

92. Sleep in late.

93. Buy some new sheets

94. Learn a new skill.

95. Say No to something you don’t want to do.

96. Type up a mighty life list and choose the first one you want to check off.

97. Have a dinner party with good friends

98. Host a tea party

99. Try a new recipe

Extracts taken from

Print this, stick on the fridge and try tick a few off. Live a little, have fun, stay health & safe everyone xx


Christine xx

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