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How eating Paleo can help you lose weight

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I always thought a Paleo diet was just another weight loss program to help me lose weight. Boy, was I wrong. Paleo diet is a fabulous eating plan for people with Blood group 0 – it can change your life, however it must be done correctly and IT IS NOT banting. Many people will look at a Paleo diet the same way I did, through just the lens of weight loss, but I can show you how this eating plan can help you make better, healthy decisions in every aspect of your life.

A simple Paleo food chart is easy to follow : Here’s how I break it down…

Things that you can and should eat:

· Vegetables

· Fruits

· Seafood

· Healthy Fats

· Nuts

· Seeds

· Lean Meats

Things that you need to avoid:

· Alcohol

· Starch

· Dairy

· Grains

· Processed Food

· Processed Sugar Items

· Fast Food

At first glance, it seems impossible to follow, but once I tried it for myself it didn’t seem so bad. Within a month you should be looking and feeling better with more energy and less body fat. It’s all about sticking to food that is good and healthy for your body. It required a major shift in eating and lifestyle habits, but once you started seeing results, it gets easier to be persistent.

The Key to Success

The most important thing to a successful Paleo diet is motivation. Either get a friend to join you or get a health coach to guide you.

· Avoided all dairy products, including yogurt, cheese, milk, sour cream and cream cheese.

· Call it quits on sugar.

· Hardly ate any grains, turning down rice, wheat, pasta, and bread.

· Pick healthy fats like fish, avocados, and coconut oil.

· Eat protein but made sure that she was either roasting it or baking it. She also added fish, lamb, eggs, and ostrich to her diet.

· Eat primarily vegetables. Choose vegetables rich in fiber that provided you with a lot of energy and made you feel lighter and more satisfied throughout the day. You can now make it comfortably between six and seven hours after a hearty vegetable salad.

· Drink water

· When eating out, you choose clean items from the menu, such as salads and grilled or roasted entrees.

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Yours in Health,


Health Coach and Wellness Chef


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