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The world is moving in a direction where so many people are so busy blaming other people for their troubles that they fail to take responsibility for their own actions. If you don’t like where you’re at right now, choose to create something different. Stop holding yourself back and make the change.

Here are some helpful tips on how to create the life you want.

  • Stop complaining and stop wishing

Stop waiting for someone else to come along and fix your life. Start getting serious about what you really want. Start believing that what you want is already yours. Start taking action that moves you in the direction of your goals and dreams. It’s time to take a new approach and learn what you need to learn to live the life of your dreams. Read books from authors you connect with, go to seminars and workshops, or hire a wellness / or life coach.

  • Show the world that you want something different

Your life requires full dedication on your part. It is important to show the world that you want something different and that you will do what it takes to get there. If you want to get the attention of the world then start doing something different. Use your voice or show by your actions. Those around you will wake up and take notice but be true to your values.

  • Think about what you want that will be worth the effort

Identify those desires within you that are aching to be met. Once you acknowledge them and tap into that desire, you will be able to move heaven and earth to make them a reality. It starts with setting that goal or putting it in the calendar.

  • Start changing your ways

In order for you to have something different, you will have to try something different. If things didn’t work out in the past then maybe its time to change direction? Treat it like an adventure. With every new experience, a path unfolds before you, leading you towards the life you have always wanted to have.

  • Go with your gut

If you feel drawn to a certain seminar, book or person, go with it. There are different resources out there that are an ideal fit for you and that are exactly what you need. Look at what is out there and go with what feels right for you. Trust that intuition, its normally right.

  • Get help if you need it

There are people who specialize in helping other people get what they want out of life. There are a variety of coaching specialties out there; rest assured that the right person is out there who is willing and ready to help you out.

The Four Tendencies

Every day, people face inner expectations and outer expectations. In that particular moment, you must decide if you want to meet this expectation or you will resist it.

  • Rebels

Rebels resist all expectations, both outer and inner alike.

  • Obligers

Obligers meet the outer expectations but struggle to meet the expectations that they impose upon themselves. For instance, they are successful in a structured work but not so much if they are working for themselves.

  • Questioners

Questioners will meet your expectations. They need to think carefully in order to make sense. They meet all expectations according to inner expectations.

  • Upholders

Upholders respond to both inner and outer expectations.

Always remember that different people flourish in different environments. Whatever your tendency is, wisdom and experience can help you learn to harness its strengths and counterbalance its negative aspects to achieve the life you want.

This year, take that leap. Jump into finding your true self, your inner soul and what you truly desire to make you feel fulfilled.

You NEVER to old to keep learning.

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1 Comment

Yvonne Fyfe
Yvonne Fyfe
Jan 09, 2023

Thanks Christine for sharing💜

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