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Worthy goals are successful when you aim high – Set your goals for the new year today

New Year’s goals are like promises you make to yourself. It is committing to and achieving something in the New Year you set out to do. Regardless of what that goal is, the purpose is with the hopes of improving your life into the New Year. Goals and resolutions can come in many shapes and forms. Some people will make a promise in order to change a bad habit – they will say they want to give up smoking; perhaps eat less processed and junk foods. Others say they want to volunteer at some charity organization – everybody wants to better themselves and that is what goals are all about.

There are many reasons why people make New Year goals, but never stick to them. The percentages of people who actually keep their resolutions are way smaller than the number of people who don’t! It could be a lack of motivation; it could be a lack of resources. Sometimes, we just lose plain interest. Have you broken your resolutions and goals already?

Let’s look at why people and perhaps you, yourself, don’t stick to goals made

  • People don’t want to DO it alone

Whether it’s losing weight, or giving up cigarettes for example, it is advised to get some outside support – this means that you don’t say ‘empty’ words to yourself but rather become accountable to a friend or relative for your intentions. It’s good to surround yourself with people who will inspire you, who have similar goals as you. Get rid of negative people who will drain you emotionally and mentally, even if they say they are willing to be your partner in the same goal you want to achieve.

  • Too lofty in your goals

Some of our goals are so lofty that we know we won’t be able to complete our goals. We might dream of being a crusader; to bring peace to the world. But maybe it would be better to read a book on bringing peace to the world as a start. Many of us are guilty of thinking “too big”, making it almost impossible to meet our goals. It’s a good idea to examine your resolutions – check whether they are things you really want for yourself – that you did not commit to them just because someone was expecting you to, or you thought that was what you were supposed to do.

  • People give up too easily

It could be that you just lose interest in your goal. Many people set goals with the genuine belief that they will accomplish them. Come February, the excitement of the New Year and its promises are over and they no longer feel as passionate about their goals. Before long, they don’t even remember them. To this end, maybe you should set some benchmarks throughout the year, keeping yourself on track with smaller benchmarks to give you some momentum. You tick off the smaller goals along the way to get you to the big goal.

  • Look at your time management

It also happens that when you look at your goal, you realize it will never fit into the time slot you have allocated for it. Maybe you need to break your goal up into manageable time frames, similar to that above. Make daily habits where you spare some minutes every day, dedicated to your goals. Then you won’t just throw the towel in when you see the huge time frame the goal might require.

  • Financially not viable

Many people give up on their dreams and goals when it dawns on them that they might have to fork out more money than they anticipated. Those membership fees at the gym suddenly seem way out of your reach and you find yourself saying, “I’ll start next year rather!” But you also need to realize that you can achieve goals without the expense - instead of forking out for the gym, run around the block for a few times, for example.

  • When you make unrealistic goals

You might have stashed a pic away in your drawer of a beautiful svelte model with a size 6 dress on; tanned and luscious-looking; you are going to ascribe to being like that into the New Year. But look at it in reality and ask yourself the question - Will 2019 really see me accomplishing that body by the end of the year? You need to set goals that are truly achievable in the right time frame so that you don’t make excuses for not completing anything.

Resolutions aren’t always easy because they require changes in behavior. Lots of us don’t want to admit to the fact that our laundry list requires quite a lot of change! A good idea is to pick just one goal that you really believe in; that you can really achieve, and then stick with that one. It’s far better to succeed at the smaller, more manageable tasks than the bigger, loftier ones.

  • A plan of action is required

Remember too, that the best goals are the ones that actually include a plan of action. Many people fail just because they don’t have a plan of action to really achieve their dream. Create a plan, breaking the end goal down into smaller weekly goals where you are actually working towards something; achieving something each day to get you closer to the end, the desired result.


  • That means being honest with yourself

If you have decided to make a New Year goal or resolution, did you make one because everyone else is talking about theirs? Or are you really committed to running that marathon and losing the weight that you know will require a lot of commitment and change? You need to be honest with yourself because often we commit to things just because we think we should; that others are “watching us”. Don’t waste your time on that thinking because you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. You need to make goals and resolutions that you truly want to achieve, where you actually put a plan of action in place. You might have the best intentions, but if you don’t have a genuine longing to achieve it, you are really just putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Quit pondering on what you have not accomplished and look at what you want to accomplish ahead. Believe that you can do it; congratulating yourself; even rewarding yourself. That boosts your motivation to keep going.

  • Keep your future in mind

Everyone dreams of where they imagine themselves in the future; where they will be in 5, 10, 20 years from now – where they intend to spend their sunset years, etc. What does your picture look like? If your goals are ones that are bringing you closer to the goalposts, then they are truly worth sticking with. Keep in mind the image of where you want to ultimately be. That means adding to your life positively, not taking away negatively. What do we mean by that? Instead of deciding that you are going to stop eating processed sugary foods; rather say you are going to eat healthy foods from now on. That way of thinking adds more positivity into the future than subconsciously, negatively, ‘depriving’ yourself by removing or taking away things from your life – get the picture? It works the same if you think about behaviors. Rather add a good behavior than trying to stop bad behavior. In doing so, the good behaviors will eventually replace the bad ones!

  • Create good habits for keeping your goal

When your goals have all been set up, it is important not to push them to the back of your mind; to work on them only when you get a chance. That hardly ever happens. Keep them in the front of your mind, list them in your diary or your planner; you’re your list to your computer’s screensaver. Keeping these good habits leads you to the final goal posts – embed them into your daily schedule. It’s starting small, every day working on a little bit of the big goal, ingraining the small habits into your life, until they are full ingrained and are you are automatically in the habit. Don’t tackle the final goal in one big chunk which will leave you feeling exhausted, resentful, and where you feel you just want to give up.

It’s plain to see that we need that plan of action. If you want to build a beautiful house for yourself, you need to plan it. If you want to build a successful, happy life, you need to build on it.

Let’s give you a couple of really good reasons why it is important to set goals and build your life:

  • Setting goals means taking control of your life

Look around you; many people kind of sleepwalking through life. Yes, they work hard, but some will even say they don’t seem to be achieving what they want. Don’t you think it’s because they have no direction of where they are going and what they want to achieve? There are many students who graduate and are not sure what they want to do when they graduate. Some of them will start working – they will work really hard too. But when they reach their 30s and their 40s, they are shocked because they realize they don’t know where they are going - what they are supposed to be doing with their life. That sad state of affairs can cause many people into a despondent state, a state of depression that will be difficult to get out sometimes. It was the American author, Tom Bodett, who said a person needs only 3 things to really be happy in this world. He said we all need someone to love, we all need something to hope for, we all need something to do. Is that not the bottom line of setting goals in a nutshell?

When you set goals for yourself, thinking about where you are going, what you want to achieve, you kind of break free from your auto-piloted life and start living a life that you consciously create for yourself. You no longer let other people tell you what to do; you are proactively taking charge and thinking about what you want for your very own self.

  • It gives you maximum results

There are heaps of top performers in the world; world-class athletes who have all set goals for themselves. Take Michael Phelps (the competitive swimmer; the most decorated Olympian of all time). What about Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook or Richard Branson, the adventurer and business magnate? What about Elon Musk (CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors). All of these guys set goals for themselves, receiving maximum results! Let’s look at two:

Richard Bronson

  • He said there is just one simple action that helped him to make him into a self-made billionaire and to achieve such amazing success. What was it? Writing his goals down, that if you don’t write your ideas down, they can leave your head and your heart before you even leave the room.

  • Branson also says that while sharing your goals and aspirations with your friends and family, because it helps to make you more accountable, he noted that it is ultimately up to each one of us to follow through ourselves.

  • He added that another good trick to making goals is to set short-term goals and long-term goals so that you feel a real sense of accomplishment along the way. He says that if you set yourself daily goals and work through the list each day, ticking them off every time you complete them gives a great sense of satisfaction. It helps to keep you motivated so you can aim for the big targets.

  • He suggests that you continue writing more lists after you have met your other goals, adding that no matter how big or small, no matter how complex or simple your idea or your goal is, get it down in writing. Don’t just take notes just because you think you need to take notes. No, go through your ideas, turning them into action Turn them into goals that can be measured.

Elon Musk

  • Elon Musk has said of goal setting that goals are what move us forward in life; it is giving our dreams oxygen.

  • In just less than 5 decades on this earth, Elon Musk has become a legend in setting lofty goals for himself, even though for many, lofty goal setting can be too much to handle. He believes in aiming high.

  • This modern-day Renaissance man also has the drive to make the seemingly impossible become a reality, and it’s because he believes in goal setting.

  • He says that if something is important enough to you, even though the odds are against you, then you should still do it.

  • He further says that you need to dare to dream, setting your goals to make the impossible become plausible – you need to stay on the course to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Elon Musk’s inspiration is this: Think big, start small, and move fast. If you apply this fantastic framework to help yourself set your goals and achieve them with regards to your education, your hobbies, and your career, your life, you stand a big chance of being highly successful and satisfied.

  • Elon Musk has HUGE goals, but the point is, he makes them happen. His next big goal is to put people on mars and to colonize it!

During the process of goal setting, you have to answer one very important question: What do you want from life?


  • It creates laser focusing

We all know by now that goals give us focus. Life’s purpose will give a general direction of where you need to go, but it is the goals that give you the focus on where to spend your time and energy on.

  • Setting goals makes you accountable

You become accountable when you have goals, because now instead of just the talk, you are obliged to act. Even though you have made yourself accountable by telling friends and family of your plans, you are still accountable only to yourself, not anyone else. Setting specific targets puts your life on track, and if it isn’t, you know you need to do something about it.

  • Goals motivate you

When you set goals, you connect into your most innermost desires. They motivate you, giving you something to strive for. It is actually very powerful when you have something to work towards, particularly when you are not in such a good place at that moment in time. Having goals reminds you to move away from the negative obstacles and reconnect with those innermost desires. It was Henry Ford who said that obstacles in life are the frightening things that you see when you have taken your eyes off the goal. Sometimes when you are feeling down and out and negative, it is often because you have nothing to look forward to, to dream about. Your goals are like rainbows, pushing you out of the storms.

  • It makes you the best you can be to live your best life

Want to be something like what Richard Branson and Elon Musk and others have achieved? They did not achieve that status sitting in a comfy chair, doing activities just to get through the day. No! That’s like running up and down a field but never scoring! They set New Year goals enabling them to grow as people beyond their wildest dreams! By just spending a few minutes of your time working on your goals that have been on our mind for a long time, you will experience more progress in your life in just one year than you would probably in your whole life sitting in that comfy chair, dreaming.


If your goal this 2022 is to be healthy from the inside out, powerful within yourself and feel energized, I am so excited for you. If you need someone to support and guide you on this journey – reach out, I am here. I have many wonderful programs to suit your personal needs.

Yours in holistic health & wellness


Christine xx

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