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Why I Eat Fruit to Flush My Lymph

The lymphatic system is responsible not just for expelling excess liquids from the body, but also for toxin disposal. A slow lymph flow can prompt a progression of medical problems, from cellulite and sinus infection to fatigue, stomach related issues, and muscle swelling.

Although exercise is the most effective way to revive a sluggish lymphatic system, I have found that consuming fewer calories and healthier foods can also make a big difference. Specific foods can slow or stall the lymph, increasing the risk of toxic buildup and contamination. The foods include things rich in sugar and salt, artificial sweeteners, refined grains, meat, and baked goods. Although some of these foods may not be considered wholly unhealthy, they cause spikes in glucose levels, foster the development of hostile microbes and microorganisms in the digestive tract, and are difficult for the body to process.

On the other hand, foods with a high water content or rich in fiber can help remedy excess fluid retention and poor lymphatic drainage. Here are some of my favorite fruits to help promote better lymph function.

1. Oranges and lemons

Citrus fruits enhance the lymphatic flow and hydrate the body. They're rich in proteins and cancer-prevention nutrients that promote a stronger immune system and help purge toxins from body fluids. The acidic properties of citrus produce help eliminate blockages and improve the overall function of the lymph vessels. Moreover, citrus fruits help flush the lymphatic system, hydrate, and transport bodily enzymes more effectively.

2. Cranberries

Cranberries are low in sugar and function as natural diuretics. They contain antioxidants and help the kidneys expel toxins from the body. Additionally, cranberry juice has also been shown to support the breakdown and removal of fats. Cranberries assist the lymphatic system, intestines, and kidneys in disposing of different types of harmful toxins that become stored in cell blocks.

3. Apricots

Apricots contain potassium, a mineral that may help the flow of lymph and restore an internal balance in the presence of excessive sodium. If you are trying to manage your salt intake, you may add more apricots or other fruits high in potassium, like bananas, dates, raisins, spinach and Lima beans.

As with any changes to a healthy lifestyle, do not rely on fruit alone to help support your lymph system; it is just one more tool to keep your body running smoothly. Practice more breathing exercises to help move the lymph liquid along and resupply it with oxygen. Get a massage to move dormant liquid back into the lymph system, separate poisons, and improve your overall wellbeing. Physical movement is also critical to lymphatic health and doing rebounding is probably one of the best exercises for Lymph. This system doesn't have a primary organ like the heart or the lungs to keep everything moving; it depends on the movement of our body, its breathing, and the compressions of every one of our muscles to move the lymph through our system.

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Yours in health & wellness

Yours coach


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