• Christine Phillips

Woman and our wonderful flying hormones

I am in a house with 2 teenage girls and then me, nearly 50. I have been so crazy this year that I actually went for a test to check out my hormonal levels and it all came back fine…… MY KIDS SAID “yikes thank goodness we will be leaving soon as we don’t want to see what you like when you do reach Menopause….. “ Yes, that’s me, it’s been a stressful year.

In my Blog below I want to touch on just a few things that can help with hormonal health and natural solutions you can add into your diet. These foods will not only help your hormones but will also help prevent various cancers and keep you healthy.

My philosophy is all about prevention, so let’s start here….

When you struggle with hormonal imbalances, it can feel impossible to figure out exactly what to eat that will give you some relief, to turn things around, and get you back on your best foot again.

When you are diagnosed with these types of issues, you are usually thrown a bunch of paperwork and end up online searching the web for the foods and recipes that you can eat to stay healthy. I have never seen this lead to anything but more confusion.

Don’t get yourself down though, no matter what types of imbalances and problems you are trying to resolve, no matter how complicated and confusing a diet might seem, eating healthy is as simple as the ingredients the earth offers us.

If you are trying to correct hormonal imbalances, let me put your mind to rest with 4 foods that will help you get onto the road to healing.



No one can question how amazing avocados are for your health. Avocados are loaded with potassium, mono-unsaturated fatty acids that help reduce inflammation, and a litany of vitamins that add a kick to your immune system.


Broccoli has a multitude of benefits that benefit your entire body. It is filled with B vitamins and folate which help with your hormones, and even a healthy pregnancy. It is packed with antioxidants that create a one-two punch for your immune system, and helps cleanse your body of unwanted toxins.

It also helps manage your estrogen hormones the premenstrual cycle. It removes the bad estrogen from the human body, cleansing it wonderfully.

Broccoli can be eaten raw by itself with a delicious dressing, mixed into salads, and is beyond amazing when sautéed as a side dish.


Excess production of estrogen can be extremely harmful to the human body. This is where pomegranate becomes your savior. Pomegranates are filled with antioxidants and vitamin C which helps your body cleanse.

It also helps to block excessive production of estrogen and has been shown to help reduce the risk of breast cancer. This is a power packed fruit everyone should enjoy in their diet, especially if trying to balance hormones.

You can eat pomegranate seeds by themselves, but pomegranate is also a secret ingredient to delicious dressings, and my favorite juice to drink.


Salmon is what I consider the wonder food of the sea. It is known worldwide for its Omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for cardiovascular health. Salmon also boosts the communication from cell to cell, which means it helps enhance hormonal communication and balance.

Salmon can be cooked and eaten in so many ways, almost all of which have simple recipes to preserve its natural deliciousness. My favorite is simply baked with olive oil and lemon, topped with a tahini dressing.



Let me share with you why I love flaxseeds. Flaxseeds, also called linseeds, are a rich wellspring of micronutrients, dietary fiber, manganese, vitamin B1, and the fundamental unsaturated fat alpha-linolenic corrosive, otherwise called ALA or omega-3.

Flaxseeds have served as nourishment for around 6,000 years and were more than likely the first superfood. Their benefits are numerous: enhanced assimilation, clear skin, decreased cholesterol, decreased sugar desires, adjusted hormones, and advance weight reduction. Flaxseed contains a perfect combination of omega-3's and omega-6's which work to frame the films of each cell in your body and support the dynamic tissues of your brain. Flaxseeds support healthy hair, nails, and skin, minimize circulatory strain, and prevent joint pain and diseases. Flaxseed aids digestion and can reduce the effects of menopause.

Flaxseeds have even more benefits, many of them hormonal.

  • High fiber but low carbs

Flaxseeds contain large amounts of adhesive gum content. Adhesive gum is a gel-framing fiber that is water dissolvable and has amazing advantages for the intestinal tract. The adhesive keeps nourishment in the stomach from depleting too rapidly into the small digestive tract. Flax is also high in both solvent and insoluble fiber that can bolster colon detoxification, promote weight loss, and reduce sugar cravings.

  • Skin & Hair

To improve skin, hair, and nails, include 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds to your smoothie or 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil to your daily routine. The ALA fats in flaxseeds benefit skin and hair cells by providing basic fats and B-vitamins to prevent dryness and flakiness. It can also reduce the presence of skin inflammation, rosacea, and dermatitis, and alleviate dry eye disorder.

  • Gluten-free

Flaxseeds are perfect for people with Celiac disease or gluten-affectability. They are also a good source of the same omega-3 fats found in fish for individuals with fish sensitivity. It is an excellent grain-free ingredient for cooking.

  • Cancer

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