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Foods to keep your bones strong during perimenopause.

Did you know that Calcium is only one of many nutrients needed to build strong bones?

Bone also requires magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, vitamin K, folate/folic acid, boron, vitamin B6, zinc, strontium, copper, silicon, vitamin C, and vitamin D.

Eating a variety of:

Fruits/vegetables, Beans/legumes, Whole grains, Nuts/seeds

The absorption of calcium depends upon having adequate intake of magnesium.

Good food sources of calcium include dark leafy greens like kale and bok choy, fruit including figs and papaya, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, canned fish with bones, unrefined whole grains including cornmeal and whole wheat, all beans and blackstrap molasses.

While many women believe that dairy products are the best source for calcium source, consuming them may be counterproductive. In North America, Britain, and Scandinavia, where osteoporosis is common, intake of dairy foods is especially high.

Dairy food is high in calcium and protein while being low in magnesium; that combo tends to acidify the system and encourage bone loss.

Commercial milk and other dairy foods contain natural hormones from the lactation process in the cow but may also contain added hormones given to cows to increase production. Add in traces of pesticides that can behave like estrogen when they are consumed, and you have a recipe for brittle bones and inflammation.

If dairy products remain a part of your diet, focus on high-quality organic, added hormone-free unsweetened yogurt. You will get the benefit of the calcium boost while also providing friendly bacteria that benefit digestive health.

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